Public and Private Sector Partnership

Public and private sector partnership is not usual in Pakistan, hence no distinct protocol is available to adopt. The GoS and University belongs to public sector hence no practical difficulty foreseen for their partnership, however inclusion of a private firm will require referral of law provisions before inviting them as partner. The companies’ act, the corporate law and similar association regulations can help to some extent even than detailed terms of reference TOR and a partnership deed will be developed with the help of corporate lawyers or consultants. This will require consent of law department and final approval by Project |Steering/Management Committee. Such TOR and registered deed will encompass all administrative, financial, structural, working, business, legal and authoritative concerns of such partnership including the dissolution, or future expansion conditions. Adequate amount is kept to hire services of a lawyer firm/ consultant for assistance in the matter.

It is the agreed intention that the Laboratory will work as fully autonomous organization during the execution phase but bound to work under prevailing policies of government and as may be developed or amended from time to time.  However this would require in depth celebrations by the project steering/management committee and with it’s approval procedural measures will be taken accordingly.

Stake holder’s Interests.

The project will meet the following interests of each partner.


  1. Health Department government of Sindh will get adequate and regular supply of quality ASV on subsidized rates, possibly at 1/2 of the usual cost which it is presently paying every year for purchase or imported ASV. Any expansion on production of Anti Rabies, Anti Diphtheria, Anti Tetanus sera or any other similar produce will be an additional bonus for the provincial health department.


The prime beneficiary of the proposed project will be Sindh Government which needs to get rid of a chronic public health problem and to avoid hundreds of preventable deaths every year. The idea initiated by provincial government and is being materialized by it. It is therefore the provincial government is required to provide all necessary resources and support. The inputs of a University and Private sector partner are required primarily for technical assistance, quality control and improvement and surely for project viability and sustainability. The provincial public sector do not have any experience of such project ever in past hence needing collaborating support of a medical University as well as well experienced private sector firm.


  1. The University will get a fully equipped serology lab for its research and educational activities, which otherwise may cost millions of rupees for the same if done by university alone. Moreover the university will not be required to invest much except to provide basic scientific resources, some additional building space, service charges of basic facilities and purchase of certain chemicals and reagents and for information, education and communication program. Various training programs ordained by University out of project arrangements will generate additional income and respect for the University.


The Peoples Medical University is taken on board since September 2010 and is assisting the project well. It has provided space and other facilities for starting some initial work. The VC and his team are collaborating well as implementation partner and the pace of execution is enhanced because of their facilitation.


  1. The Private Sector Firm will gain a high status in the local and international markets because of partnership in a real hi-tech manufacturing venture which non of their in-country sister organization would be having. Such high recognition in the province and the country, likely to enhance appreciation of it’s other products, market goodwill (worth millions of rupees) and definitely some reasonable profit.  Parallel to it the techniques learned for lab operations will benefit the firm in professional experience enriching, skill enhancement and professional escalation. Any expansion of the lab will provide them additional income and sense of business satisfaction.