Project Feasibility / Justification

Establishing an ASV Serology laboratory is part of a broader vision of establishing a serology & vaccinology Institution for producing in future many life saving sera and vaccines and for instituting a continuous technical support system for the provincial and district governments in their efforts for promoting public health standards and safety concerned with vaccine or sera preventable health hazards.

The scope of the activity proved to be dazzling as the general masses, the notables, the political leaders, the press and the district government managers in Sindh have been talking high of it’s shortage since past many decades. The Honorable Chief Minister and Worthy Governor Sindh had express their intense wish to establish subjected ASV Lab at its earliest. The government and the people are keen to have abundant ASV in all health institutions without much consideration to its price. It is a life saving drug and the only remedy for snake venom hence the people found to purchase it even to a cost of Rs. 3000/ to Rs. 4000/- vial which is almost four times its actual cost in Pakistan. Hence government as well as general masses will welcome every effort leading to ensured supply of ASV in the province. It is very likely that the surplus production can be sold to other provinces or specific ASV can be manufactured for other countries in need in the same laboratory. If oriented and guided well, it is not difficult to mobilize the district governments to keep reasonable amount in their yearly health budget for purchase of ASV on subsidized rates from the proposed lab hence minimizing the fears of it’s long term sustainability or midterm operational failures.

Project Justification.

 The project rational both on the bases of it’s immense need and economical viability justifies the investments made in the concern. Much is already explained in the above paras for it’s significance in the provincial health system however following is briefly adding to it’s economical viability and sustainability.