Project Quantifiable Output / Unit Cost Analysis

  • The project in it’s first phase will enable production of 40000 to 60000 international quality and cost effective vials of ASV annually.


  • The lab facility ordained under the project will benefit 3 to 5 research scholars each year, and a number of undergraduate and post graduate students of medical Sciences for practical learning of the serology and vaccinology subjects.


  • The proposed project will help in training of 50 to 100 personnel each year of health services, NGOs, and other interested organizations in management of snake bite.

Unit Cost Analysis:

 The project will directly benefit 25000 or more snake bite victims annually with projected increase of 5% annually. If the estimated life of buildings, equipments and other establishment articles under this PC-1 is 25 years than it would benefit not less than 1.00 million patients Hence the unit cost appears less than Rs. 200/ patient. This includes only the direct beneficiaries.