Project Impacts


 The proposed project will generate adequate income not only to meet it’s annual recurring cost but also to recover the initial capital and establishment cost and other expenses. It will hopefully meet it’s future expansion needs and any ramification for production of other sera.

Anticipated saving of 1000 to 1200 lives annually with quick recovery of 5000 to 8000 snake bite victims will add to the provincial productivity pool, and will definitely help in reducing the hospital burden, treatment cost, and thus will help in uplifting the health and socio-economical indicators of the province and will add to overall prosperity of the province and the country.


Revealing the available HMIS data with the Health Department it can be avowed that most of the project benefits will go particularly to the poor inhabitants of desert districts. The project will also extend supportive benefits to district governments, health institutions and other allied Institutions/ departments within or outside the province.

Considering its significant nature it is anticipated that the proposed project will serve the people of all ages and income groups, having whatever religious or racial belonging without any discrimination. Being its execution in public sector it is alleged that most of the project outcome will serve low income and socially feeble communities. However, the high income individuals will not be categorized for any of the project benefit. It will help in reducing the morbidity and mortality due to snake bite hence thus will help in improving basic health indicators


 The project does not include any structure, activity, process, procedure or produce which can add or source to add in environmental degradation. However necessary adjustments will be considered for disposing off safely any excessive lab or farm waste Besides that strict international bio safety protocol will be observed to avoid any harm to the working staff, animals, scientists, visitors or surrounding.

The tree plantation at horse farm, crop cultivation and other greenery aught under the project will add to environment improvement.