Staff Salary and other Financial Remunerations

The proposed project is high-tech manufacturing project having no similarity with other ongoing service projects of the Health Department. It needs better experience and high skill to perform at this project and thus highly qualified staff will be required for various scientific operations of the project. The quality control and prevailing GMP standards does not allow any compromise on staff selection especially for management and lab operations. The private sector although having less sophisticated manufacturing units of ordinary pharmaceutical nature do offer and pay double to triple than the BPS bound government salaries. It would be irrational to offer salaries to specially qualified and skilled staff of serum laboratory similar to other health staff working on ordinary assignments. Moreover acute shortage of well qualified and skilled manpower  of biological sciences in the local market and their high appreciation in bigger cities will not make any attraction among them for this particular project if the salaries are kept low.


The proposed salary structure is based on minimum market appreciable ceiling and is still dubious to attract well qualified/ skilled professionals from the local market.


All the three senior scientific posts of the project need PhD professionals with moderate experience. The Universities provide starting jobs to PhDs with no or minimum experience as Assistant Professor (BPS-19) and a start salary not less than Rs. 45000 to 50000/ month added with other financial benefits.


Likewise a plant manager of an ordinary pharmaceutical company draws salary from Rs. 300000/ to 500000/ month with Car and other benefits which can be verified from Karachi Market. The job responsibilities of PD of the project are much more technical, skillful and laborious and he/she will be required to provide international standard attributes in comparatively less urbanized area. However all these posts will be advertized and negotiation will be done with suitable candidates to minimize it if possible.