Board of Directors (BoDs)

In the best interest of the project and for satisfaction of all stakeholders the proposed ASV/ARV serology lab will be administered by an independent board of directors (BoDs) responsible for entire decision making and management of the project. It will comprise of representatives of all stake holders with additional representation of common masses in shape of a philanthropist, technocrat or a person having provincial and national recognition. Just to avoid ascendancy of any of the partners or for trust building, with consensus of all partners the chairmanship of the board will circulate among stakeholders on turn basis or will be fixed for the director representing common masses just to maintain an equitable status of all the investors without measuring the quantum of their share.


A detailed modus operandi and TOR of such BoDs and the project operations will be developed in active consultation with the partners and if required services of consultant/s will be hired for an appropriate draft well according to prevailing law. The composition and TORs will be decided by the Project Steering/ Management Committee. However at an early stage a formal Memo of Understanding (MoU) will be signed for future reference and to avoid any legal ambiguity in between GoS through Health Department, University and the Private Sector Firm.


The tenure of BoDs will be for five years or more agreeable to all the three partners. The initial BoDs will only be for three years or up-to completion of project execution phase even if it extends beyond three years. At completion of tenure the BoDs will be re-structured through a joint meeting of heads of health department, university and the private firm. However it will be in purview of each of the stakeholders for changing, deactivating or time being suspending their representative in the BoDs with fifteen days advance notice.


The Project Director once selected will be regular member of BoDs and will work for equal time span as of BoDs. He/ she will act as secretary BoDs and could only be changed if representatives of all the stakeholders unanimously decide for such. The first project director will be appointed by the secretary health services for a transient period and after formal constitution of BoDs the person will be reviewed by BoDs for further continuation or replacement by another suitable person but definitely by adopting an agreed appointment procedure including advertisement of the position in national news papers.

Each of the representatives of different stakeholders in the BoDs will be paid by his/ her institution for the services rendered, however the project will compensate all payments for common masses representative and only the cost of traveling and boarding of all the representatives or any cost incurred in case they are working on any project specific assignment but on submission of actual bill/ receipts.


Usually the BoDs will meet on monthly basis preferably during first week of every month for reviewing the progress, performance, project expenses and other management and administrative issues. The project director will make necessary arrangements for such meeting and will prepare in advance the monthly performance reports, financial statements, and upcoming months plan for approval. Every decision taken by the project director whether administratively or financially except those of routine origin will be required to seek authentication by the BoDs in their subsequent meetings.


Parallel to monthly meetings the BoDs will be required to conduct quarterly meetings for assessment of plan accomplishments and to provide strategic directions in case any modification or alteration is required due to operational experience or due to any field force.


In annual meeting of BoDs the audited financial reports, yearly production and sale statements, annual confidential reports of the employees, next year budget and plans of action, manufacturing and other strategic issues will be discussed. In case the chairmanship is not fixed for representative of masses a formal session of handing over the chairmanship to the next partner will be done in the yearly meeting of BoDs.