Appointment of Staff and Other Routine Matters.

The authority of staff appointment will be divided among BoDs and the Project Director. The technical and high salary staff equivalent to gazetted cadre of government employees will be selected and appointed by BoDs or any committee constituted for such by BoDs. Whereas the appointment of non technical staff or low salaried employees equal to non gazetted cadre of government will be the authority of Project Director. The BoDs may decide for constitution of a selection committee by including senior officers of project like first rank scientists. In both the cases advertisement through national news papers will be must except for very low salaried positions like sweeper, Naib Qasid, Guards etc. for which the Project Direct will be authorized to appoint preferably the local inhabitants. Talent hunting will be preferred in case of highly qualified, well skilled or well experienced professionals and BoDs will be authorized to relax any pre-requisite, condition or even eligibility criteria and to offer market based salaries. However in such case of talent hunting a technical proposal will be prepared by secretary BoDs and submitted before full BoDs (all the directors present) for approval. Such proposal should include; brief history of educational, training, job experience and professional back ground of required person, his/ her worth for the project, financial remunerations to be offered and the probationary time limit if planed to be taken on permanent basis.


The other day to day matters and project affairs will be sole responsibility of project director who will be required to issue daily orders, assign job responsibilities, monitor performance, provide required resources, allow purchase and procurement, allow lab expenses, verify record, check project inputs and outputs, allow leave or other permissions, deal with public and clients, and will use almost all financial and administrative authorities within project on behalf of BoDs. However for all sorts of major decision making or for any policy issue, or for expenses beyond Rs. 1000000/-  the PD has to seek permission in advance by BoDs, or ensure afterward authentication of a financial decision if taken in emergency.


The other staff will deliver their services according to their job assignment and or as directed by PD or section in-charge for any project specific assignment when and where required.