Project Governance/ Management

The project will finally be  administered, supervised, and coordinated by an autonomous board of directors through the Project Director. It will comprise one member from Government of Sindh Health Department one member from University and one member from private sector partner. Another member will be a philanthropist, technocrat, or renounced personality and co-opted member/s nominated by the basic BoDs or the project steering/ management committee. The Project Director in his/ her capacity will serve as the secretary to the board of directors.


The stakeholders will nominate their members for board of directors through a nomination letter issued by their executives’ viz. Secretary Health Services, Vice Chancellor University and Chief Executive of the Private Sector Organization. The Director of common masses will be selected by the project steering/ management committee either by inviting expressions of interest in national news papers or by submitting three names to the competent authority of national and provincial renounces through Health Department.


The project steering/ management committee or BoDs after notified will advertise different project posts and select the suitable staff to work on the project. Later on the project progress and staff performance monitoring will be done by board of directors, where as the Project Director will perform day to day business with all administrative and financial authorities of the project. However he/ she will be required to present and get authenticate his decisions including all policy issues, administrative actions and financial disbursement through review meetings of the project steering/ management committee or board of directors. The financial disbursement of the project will be done under financial rules and regulations applicable to public money with yearly audit by a licensed firm as well as by internal teams of Government of Sindh, University and the Private Organization. A detailed TOR and modes operandi of the board of directors will be developed later on.


Services of a senior and experienced person will be hired as Project Director for project execution and implementation on market compatible salary; whereas the members of board of directors will be provided honoraria for their part time job with appreciable allowances to meet their travel or boarding costs.


Adequate technical, secretarial and support staff as per project needs is requested in the PC-1, however appropriate proposals will be submitted to the board of directors well in advance if deem required for placement of new/ additional staff to meet any future need due to project expansion or any other reason.


Any time being or often required manpower during the establishment phase for construction or for fixing and installing the equipment will be hired from the local market on charge bases or from the contractors as part of their service package or from the suppliers as part of purchase deal. Necessary operation & maintenance training will also be ensured for the project staff from the manufacturers or the suppliers. However any technical staff still required for project operations will be recruited afresh.


Likely shortage of the staff cannot be presumed at this level. However any shortage due to workload or expansion of the project will be meeting through in-house arrangements by capacity building of the available staff.


Based on the so far experience it is virtually impossible to attract well qualified and well experienced staff for working on government scale salary. The technician and technologists knowing skill of Elisa or chromatography are already having jobs with salary up to 70000 – 80000/ month. Likewise the Prime Minister has ordered to provide minimum salary of Rs. 7000/ month to low grade employees. It is therefore the salaries for the lab staff should be market compatible rather too bound with various government salary scales. The Project Management Committee / BOD will decide the salary ceiling of various staff in the light of Finance Department guidelines & market compatibility.