Project Descriptive Layout

To produce 50,000 vials in liquid or freeze dried form of Anti-snake venom serum, the following main components will be required.


  • Laboratories Complex Building including quality control cell, for processing & production of ASV and for other affiliated scientific procedures.
  • Offices for laboratory staff and other structures for training, communication, storage, record keeping, publication, public dealing etc.
  • Experimental Animal House for small animals to be used in Quality Control tests (Rabbits, Mice & G. Pigs) with store, record keeping, incinerators, water, electricity and gas availabilities.
  • Small laboratory for bleeding the hyper immune animals and for preservation of their blood before sending to actual processing laboratory at the site of horse keeping.
  • Snake farm – hatchery – where at least 300-500 Venomous snakes of different species can be housed, with small lab for venom extraction and preservation before sending it to actual lab for freeze drying.
  • Animal Farm with astables to house at least 100 horses and 200 goats/ sheep initially (50 Astables) as to start the immunization with snake venom, astable blocks, managers, trivets, stores for fodder, nutritional ingredients and other animal use commodities, with provision of running water, electricity and gas supplies and small veterinary hospital with vaccination and treatment arrangements and an adequately away quarantine yard for new animals. Special arrangements to prevent flies, mosquitoes, reptiles and insects harmful for laboratory animals.
  • Quarantine for isolation of diseased horses and other animals, including astable for 10-16 horses, small dispensary, small store room, residential quarter of care taker with electric, water, gas and other services.
  • 5 Residential bungalows for PD, DPD and other senior scientific staff, two flat complexes each of 10 flats for gazzetted and non gazzetted project staff, and 20 mono unit small houses at the farm for animal care takers and land cultivators.
  • Common compound wall or individual compound walls to laboratory and offices main block, residential areas, animal and snake houses, quarantine, ware houses and other infrastructures. The entire 100 acres of land will be provided with security barriers (either biological or mechanical) to avoid animal escape, injurious intrusions, and thieve entrance.