Human Resource

The production of ASV is a highly technical job needs to be conducted with utmost care and skill. The unique nature of work requires involvement of highly skilled scientists, technicians and lab staff having abundant knowledge of the subject and the process. The capacity building instructional courses and exchange visits at globally accepted quality institutions of ASV production will be required to bring, knowledge, attitude, behavior and practices for the working staff especially for the managers and scientists. This can be supplemented with hands-on or on job training courses by some of the experienced scientist of this field preferably by those available locally. Such instructional support should focus to attain the international quality standards approved by WHO and the licensing authorities within Pakistan.

The detailed human source requirements are expressed in the end as annexure. There will be no gender or other bias in selection of the laboratory staff. However preference will be provided to various factors according to the nature of job.


Labor Requirement for Animal and Snake Farming.


For both the small and large animal housing at farm, manpower will be required for performing different animal husbandry practices at the farm e.g. housing, feeding, watering, medication and care of animals etc. One person can hardly handle 2-3 Horses and 10-15 goats/ sheep for feeding and other care responsibilities.


Hence Initially 10 persons for 25 to 30 horses farming, 5 persons for 50 goats/ sheep farming, 02 persons for experimental small animal house, two persons for snake house will be required as farm labor. A supervisor/ farm manager having BSc. Or MSc. In Agriculture sciences will be recruited to supervise all the cultivation and farming activities. The Horse farm supervisor with a B.Sc. (Honors) degree in Animal Husbandry will be recruited for horse caring and scientific record keeping. Both the supervisors will be provided staff for administration & account matters at the farm. The snake farm attendant and venom extractor will require higher salaries because of the high risk job. Monthly salary of Rs. 25000/ or little more per month will hardly attract moderately skilled persons capable to handle such deadly business. Likewise additional staff will be required to conduct and for monitoring of crops like farmers (Haris) and their head (Kamdar).


Consultant Services / Justification.


Based on experience of similar projects in the country it is essential to keep room for consultant services both of local and international experts. The ordinary health managers of the Health Department or if project manager hired from local market will be needing continuous technical assistance and guidance of the experts of the subject throughout project execution and implementation to ensure successful accomplishment of the project objectives. Besides the development of modes operandi and contract agreement for public and private sector partnership will be requiring services of corporate lawyer firm and also services of international experts for ISO certification and WHO qualification. The cost involved in hiring all such consultant services stands only Rs. 10 million which is hardly 0.015% of the revised project cost. It is firmly anticipated such minute investment will safeguard and rationalize the total investment to it’s optimum best output.  Engagement of local consultant or consultant services within country will be under PPRA rules however engagement of expatriate or external assistance due to it’s special nature will be through special procedure allowed by project management committee.


Due to prevailing law and order situation in Pakistan the expatriates do not prefer any long term stay in Pakistan. The short term intermittent consultancies cost higher in comparison to long term continuous consultancy services. Presently the usual charges for such short term consultants in various departments and international organizations are not less than US $ 500 to 700/ day. It is therefore the proposed cost of international consultant services is already meager with assumption that most of such services will be free of cost.


Likewise real experts of the subject are drastically few in Pakistan and are already well settled. On query from such experts in Pakistan and Pakistanis working abroad they asked averagely an amount equal to Rs. 500000/ month as financial remuneration for their services.