Problems/ Bottlenecks

  • Funds allocation and releases is scanty and slow, during last five years (approved project period) 25% of revenue cost and only 34% of capital cost could be released.
  • No land provided by government for animal farming although promised.
  • No permission for staff recruitment for initial four years. The Project Director was working alone hence two key execution steps viz.  Technology transfer and training of staff happened very late.
  • Decision making very slow, each summary takes almost six months to one year for any final decision. Many times abort without any decision.
  • Project Steering Committee based at Karachi and comprise of busy high officers, so far only one meeting could happen.
  • The budget release takes almost six to seven months leaving project with no money for very long intervals.
  • The revised PC-1 submitted during December 2009, got approved in February 2012 paused project execution for almost two and half years.
  • The public sector has no experience in past of establishing a production unit of such hi-tech, hence decision making and departmental support is negligible.