Prof. Dr. Abdullah G. Arijo

Prof. Dr. Abdullah G. Arijo
Animal Sciences Consultant

Animal Sciences Consultant

Dr. Abdullah G. Arijo was born in 1962 in a small village of district Larkana. At the moment, he is Professor and Chairman in the Department of Veterinary Parasitology at Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam-Pakistan. He graduated in biological sciences from University of Sindh Jamshoro-Pakistan and did M Sc: in Zoology with specialization in Parasitology from University of Karachi-Pakistan. In 1993, Dr. Arijo was granted “World Bank Award” for higher studies and obtained PhD from University of North Wales, Bangor-United Kingdom in 1997.

His teaching carrier started as lecturer in Pakistan Air Force College Base Masroor, Karachi in 1986. Year 1988 brought him to university service as lecturer at Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam-Pakistan.

Dr. Arijo is an active scientist, has presented his research in conferences held in various countries of the world. He is active member of many scientific societies including British Society for Parasitologists-UK, Society of Biological Sciences, North Wales-UK, Zoological Society of Pakistan etc. He is contributing as technical editor for 6 research journals published from various provinces of Pakistan and consultant editor for Proceedings of Parasitology, Jinnah Women University, Karachi-Pakistan.

At Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam, he is associated with academic and research activities. At the moment, he is supervising research of 5 PhD, 4 M Phil and 4 M Sc: students, besides; he is co-supervisor of one PhD students. Under his supervision a significant number of students have completed M Sc: research projects. Dr. Arijo has four published books to his credit and is author and co-author of many publications that have appeared in international and national journals.

The research areas of Dr. Arijo are (a) Schistosomiasis and (b) Tick-borne Diseases. He has completed research project funded by Sindh Agriculture University-Tandojam, and University Grants Commission, Islamabad. At the moment Dr. Arijo is involved as Principal Investigator in as PAK-US Science & Technology Research Project and has established a State-of-Art Molecular Parasitology Laboratory at Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam. Under this project he has established collaboration with University of Rhode Island USA. The Object of collaborative research is to develop an anti-tick vaccine or therapeutic that prevents transmission of a number of different diseasecausing microbes instead of developing vaccines and drugs against each microbe that a tick may transmit.

Dr. Arijo is on review committee(s) of the Georgia National Science Foundation Georgia, Pakistan Science Foundation Islamabad, Pakistan Agriculture Research Council, Islamabad-Pakistan. To date he has reviewed 5 research projects funded by PSF, and PARC Islamabad.

Dr. Arijo has also edited a monograph on “Invertebrate Zoology “by Higher Education Commission, Islamabad

Dr. Arijo has been invited to deliver lectures in various universities and institutions of high repute in single capacity. He has also managed lectures with University of Southern Mississippi, USA and University of Rhode Island USA via Video-conference in which world-class scientists delivered lectures. The lectures were very well received by the faculty, research workers and students at Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam.
In 2007, his name was included in the Directory of “The Productive Scientists of Pakistan”.

In 2009, Vice Chancellor Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam nominated Dr. Arijo for Presidential Award “Izaz-i-Fazeelat” for his Academic Distinctions