Human Clinical Trials of Sindh Anti-Snake Venom

# MR # Name of Patient Date of Admission Date of discharge Status Cured/Ref Contact
1 858 Gaju S/O Rupo 09-Apr-14 13-Apr-14 Cured 03413382297
2 943 Dessar S/O Joharo 10-Apr-14 14-Apr-14 Cured 03413913361
3 232/C Nazia D/O Sikandar 11-Apr-14 13-Apr-14 Cured 03413833973
4 2290 Mir Muhammad S/O Kamal 26-Jun-15 28-Jun-15 Cured 03423313171
5* 1660E Ghulam Nabi S/O Jadam 15-Aug-15 18-Aug-15 Cured 03403354559
6* 1779E Ali Hassan S/O Yousaf 16-Aug-15 18-Aug-15 Cured 03420437250
7* 1782E Gordhan S/O Dharmo 16-Aug-15 18-Aug-15 Cured 03443878312
8 419/C Dholo S/O Leela 29-Aug-15 21-Jul-15 Cured
9 350-C Mithoo S/O Laljee 31-Jul-15 02-Aug-15 Cured
10 281 Bholo S/O Leelo 29-Jul-15 31-Jul-15 Cured
11 434C Dharmo S/O Assan 30-Jul-15 31-Jul-15 Cured
12 235 Qaiser S/O Sobho 19-Aug-15 20-Aug-15 Cured
13 021C Keemat S/O Warjan 01-Aug-15 05-Aug-15 Cured
14 214-H Chaman S/O Mano mayiulaujo 05-Aug-15 07-Aug-15 Cured
15 55/I Sindh bai D/O Hashan 05-Aug-15 06-Aug-15 Cured
16 108/C Dhanji S/O Veerjhi 09-Aug-15 11-Aug-15 Cured
17 127/C Asan S/O Beejlo 10-Aug-15 12-Aug-15 Cured
18 406-H Shehnela D/0 Thakro 17-Aug-15 18-Aug-15 Cured
19 508/h Deesar S/O Sobho 19-Aug-15 20-Aug-15 Cured
20 204/C Prem S/O Gunjo 17-Sep-15 19-Sep-15 Cured
21 219/H Amanullah S/O Sultan 12-Sep-15 18-Sep-15 Cured
22 209/C Radhan D/O Mevo 18-Sep-15 20-Sep-15 Cured
23 210/C All nawaz S/O Lal Mohammed 18-Sep-15 20-Sep-15 Cured
24 231 Achar S/O Punhoon bhal 20-Sep-15 23-Sep-15 Cured 03455313977
25 238/C Abdul SalIam S/O Hayat 21-Sep-15 23-Sep-15 Cured 03456632162
26 247/F Sindhbai W/O Urs 23-Sep-15 Cured 03213304337
27* 42274 Muhammad Ayoub 11-Sep-15 12-Sep-15 Cured
28* 41804 Begum 17-Sep-15 18-Sep-15 Cured
29* 35725 Taj Muhammad S/o Rahim 17-Sep-15 18-Sep-15 Cured
30 92/C Akbar S/O Kandu 09-Oct-15 10-Jan-15 Cured
31 148/C Krishan S/O Lalji 14-Oct-15 17-Oct-15 Cured
32 130/C Mithan S/O Qamardeen 12-Oct-15 14-Oct-15 Cured 03468921652
33 252/C Hazoor S/O Aqib 24-Oct-15 27-Oct-15 Cured 03473674618
34 267/C Haji S/O Allahdino 25-Oct-15 27-Oct-15 Cured 03487815834
35 297/C Pabam W/O Jumlo 29-Sep-15 02-Oct-15 Ref to CMH HYD 03332712015
36 11/F Haseena W/OJani 02-Oct-15 04-Oct-15 Cured
37 88/F Ramo S/O Sawoo 09-Oct-15 14-Oct-15 Cured 03470035837
38 75/F Kamlesh S/O Autam 07-Oct-15 10-Oct-15 Cured 03243819965
39 147 Sango S/O Surajo 15-Oct-15 16-Oct-15 Cured 03402143362
40 151/F Pan W/O M-Hassan 16-Oct-15 19-Oct-15 Cured
41 184 Bharu S/O Ladhjo. 18-Oct-15 21-Oct-15 Cured
42 122/M ManzoorS/O Hameer 13-Oct-15 15-Oct-15 Cured 03451355831
43 35 Baeed S/O Ishaque 05-Nov-15 07-Nov-15 Cured
44 90 Geno S/O Heero 14-Nov-15 15-Nov-15 Cured 0343831080
45 216 Zaid S/O Muqeem 02-Dec-15 04-Dec-15 Cured
* Six patients included in clinical trial duly accepted by WHO Iran office through Iranian Registry of Clinical Trials (IRCT) (Clinical Trials of new bivalent snake antivenom immunoglobulins (IgG) for the treatment of envenoming by medically important vipers in Sindh (Phase II study) ID#IRCT2014070218314N1)