Dr. Mohammed Bux Bhurgri

Dr Mohammed Bux Bhurgri                                                                  MBBS.                             (Management /Subject Matter Specialist).
Dr Mohammed Bux Bhurgri, MBBS. Deputy Project Director

Deputy Project Director

I had served in various Primary Health Care Projects having an extensive experience in Public Health & Community Development and Capacity Building of the Government Health Department

 I have served in the Health Department Government of Sindh since 1982. Out of my30 year’s service at least 20 years I was deputed to work with Donors USAID, WHO, World Bank and other Donors on Primary Health Care Projects implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation and research The projects are:

  • Expanded Program on Immunization EPI / CDD. Worked as Field Supervisory Medical Officer worked on EPI target disease coverage, surveillance system establishment. Government of Sindh appreciated my work and awarded the AWRD of the best Performance in 1988.
  • Management Analyst, Primary Health Care Sindh. Worked in Primary Health care with the collaboration of USAID and assisted to develop the treatment protocols on EPI, CDD, Malaria, TB and Nutrition. Implemented, and Monitored the treatment protocols in the Primary Health Care Pilot Project in Sindh (Thatta, Mirpurkhas, Sukkur and Khairpur).
  • Health Management Information System Coordinator/ Government Counter Part Pakistan Child Survival Project Sindh. Developed, implemented, the newly developed Health Management information System (HMIS), a new decentralized, comprehensive, integrated and computerized system for first level care facilities in public and private sector with the collaboration of (USAID)
  • Program Director Health System Research (HSR) World Bank funded Project, Worked on Health systems research. Arranged series of workshops for the Managerial level on HSR with the collaboration of Agha Khan University Karachi.
  • Worked as Facilitator LBOD WAPDA (NDP) funded by World Bank, assisted water logging and Salinity program. Worked on community mobilization and developed Farmers organizations (FOs)in the Project pilot area Kot Ghulam Muhammad Mirpurkhas..
  • Co-Coordinator Prime Minister’s Program for Family planning and Primary Health care Sindh (FP / PHC) Worked on the extensive activities of the project in terms of the program implementation, Monitoring and the recruitment/ training process activities of LHWs/ LHW Supervisors, Project Managers, EDOs, MOs/ Para Medics in the province.  
  • Deputy Director Communicable disease Control, Disease early warning system (DEWS), In charge National health policy Sindh, in charge National Health Policy Implementation Cell Sindh, Deputy Director Communicable Diseases and Early warning system (DEWS) & to establish the referral system in first level care facilities (FLCF) PEI Activities in the Province.
  • Worked as Provincial Surveillance Officer/ Surveillance Officer WHO for Polio Eradication initiative (PEI) @ Hyderabad, Thatta, Badin Districts.
  • Worked as Additional Medical Superintendent Liaquat University Hospital Hyderabad.
  • Worked as Provincial Senior Surveillance Officer WHO Sindh. @ Karachi. Assisted Medical Officer WHO Sindh (Team Leader) in terms of the entire activities of the Polio Eradication Initiative Sindh.
  • I was associated with SNAKE RESEARCH AND WILD LIFE CONSERVATION SOCIETY based at Hyderabad since 2005.The society is working on the various species of snakes in the Province, the behavior of the habitat towards the snakes and HEALTH SEEKING BEHAVIOUR of the people after snake bite. I surveyed marshy belt, Kacho hilly area, and India Pakistan border area of the Province to study the habitat, breeding of the Russel Viper. The work shops were conducted to give awareness to the community regarding immediately seeking medical help after snake bite. Community was informed how to live friendly with Snakes rather than snakes were brutally killed. This creature is the part of our Natural Ecosystem. Worked on the snake bite and Dog bite management of the patient.
  • As Co-researcher/Translator/Master Trainer I have worked on 20 books on Primary health care.
  • Visited EGYPT in 2007, as International Reviewer and reviewed the two provinces MENIA and FAYUM Governorates of EGYPT in terms of surveillance system and Polio Eradication Initiatives. The presentation on results of evaluation was given before the high officials of Eastern Mediterranean Region office (EMRO) at Egypt Cairo.