Ambreen Jamil

Technology Transfer Consultant


  • Over 14 years’ experience  in Research and Diagnostic laboratories
  • Excellence in compiling history, information, literature references and test reports for patients of genetic disorders and sever infections
  • Successfully established 3 Molecular Biology Labs provide facilities for PCR and Sequencing, cell and tissue culture and electron microscopy
  • Expertise in NAT (extraction, amplification, detection) and protein Analysis  using techniques such as PCR, Real Time PCR, Sequencing , gel electrophoresis, gel documentation, southern and western blotting
  •  As Microbiologist identified and isolated microorganisms and human cell from different samples such as body fluids and biopsies
  • Strong skills in QC tests such as scaling, microbial limit, drug solubility using HPLC for raw, product and packaging materials for Roche pharmaceutical
  • Proficient in MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint
  • Master’s degree in Microbiology



 I am appointed as consultant for ASV production lab .I did my M Sc. in Basic Microbiology and took courses(immunochemistry, virology,  enzymology, insertion sequences plasmids and episomes, bacterial viruses and virus like structure, antimicrobial agents, genetic engineering, animal viruses ,Molecular photobiology of bacteria and advance virology. Attended Post Degree Program at Wilfred Laurie University. I worked as Microbiologist in Advance diagnostic lab. There I learn bacterial culture sensitivity testing, biochemical test, media and culture preparing techniques, autoclaving, water testing, different staining procedures. Then  worked as Molecular biologist in Dr. Ziauddin and used t conventional PCR, Real time PCR, gel documentation, gel electrophoresis, spectrophotometer, balancing, safety hood, centrifuges, sequencing southern blotting. I took courses to learn how to make buffer and media and how to design primers, experiment and SOPSs. I also participated in the ISO certification process.  I joined GMS (global marketing services) as application and product specialist and established 2 molecular biology labs (Sind labs and PNS Shifa Molecular labs). I worked for LUMHS and established their molecular biology lab that has facilities for PCR, real time PCR, sequencing, electron microscopy and cell and tissue culture. In Canada I worked with university health network in different departments of Toronto General Hospital. In Wilfred Laurie University took courses to learn DNA and protein analysis.